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im so old now.

so im still alive. i just have really sucky internet and nothing to really update about.

actually...i guess i kinda do.

i started my new job two weeks ago part time. i start full time monday :) i reallly like it. my official title is 'director of first impressions'...fancy way to put administrative assistant. the people i work with are super chill and i get to wear jeans to the office, how cool is that? and i'll finally have the luxury of health insurance again. only thing is i had to take a small pay cut than what i was getting paid at my nanny job because i'm actually paying taxes. damn the man.

BUT my dad paid off my car so now i just have to make payments to him and its only 260 a month as compared to 400. i'll take that.

also jon's moving in next month. i know i know, i could be making the same mistake twice. but it just makes, the rents going to be split 4 ways so thats more moneys for moi.
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