Jessica (sillyalice) wrote,

let me clear my throat...

so as i sit here reading your updates, i feel guilty for not sharing my thoughtless ramblings that i used to be so good at.

i am an internet addict.

problem is, work is kinda slow. w/ mary around, my work load is cut in half. it also takes me about 5-10 minutes to create and send a contract now, as opposed to the 30 minutes it took me this time last year. still, i feel super guilty whenever karen pops her head in and i'm on perez or myspace or facebook...even though i guarentee you her day is quite similar to mine. i kind of wish i had more responsibility. it would keep me busy and make the day zoom by. right now it's 11 and all i can think about is lunch and then after lunch, i can only look forward to 6. i can feel my ass molding into the shape of my seat cushion as i type this. ugh, i would love to go running right now. i planned on it last night, but i lose all motivation once i get inside my house.

one day.
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