let me clear my throat...

so as i sit here reading your updates, i feel guilty for not sharing my thoughtless ramblings that i used to be so good at.

i am an internet addict.

problem is, work is kinda slow. w/ mary around, my work load is cut in half. it also takes me about 5-10 minutes to create and send a contract now, as opposed to the 30 minutes it took me this time last year. still, i feel super guilty whenever karen pops her head in and i'm on perez or myspace or facebook...even though i guarentee you her day is quite similar to mine. i kind of wish i had more responsibility. it would keep me busy and make the day zoom by. right now it's 11 and all i can think about is lunch and then after lunch, i can only look forward to 6. i can feel my ass molding into the shape of my seat cushion as i type this. ugh, i would love to go running right now. i planned on it last night, but i lose all motivation once i get inside my house.

one day.

things i am looking forward:

- michelle visiting this weekend


- new york trip, take 3, w/ casey plant

- Halloween

- jon's birthday

- Thanksgiving (and the 4 day weekend that comes w/ it, or so i hope)

i think there is going to be a costume party for jon's bday on either 10/28 or 11/4. if you can read this, you're invited.
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151 is my weakness...

one day after my 21st and i'm already swearing off liquor.

okay, so maybe not for good, but definitly not on nights when i have big plans that i've been looking forward to for weeks. my boss took my whole office out for drinks after work to celebrate my "coming of age," and the plan was, in my mind, to have a few beers, go home, get all dolled up, and go to the melting pot with jonathan. instead...2 rolling rocks, 1 yager bomb, 2 gorilla farts, 1/2 a bong water, a rum and diet, and a red headed slut later, jon had to pick me up and drive me home. i manage to get dressed by some miracle...i get poor casey to look for my shoes (i still have NO freaken clue as to where they went) and she did my hair...and i was back in the car desperatly trying to make it on time for our 9:15 reservations. we didnt get there til 9:30...and halfway through dinner and 3 glasses of water later i started to sober up...but my romantic evening was most def ruined by my lack of coordination and ability to see straight. i still had a good time, and jon had a good sense of humor about it (as i'm sure jeff and casey did) but still, i would have much rather been sober enough to enjoy my night, and not have to spend the whole time trying not to throw up my fondue.


happy bday to me :)
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so! at 3am this morning, a little over a month since i moved in, i officially became unpacked. :) it's so nice to have a floor to walk on....lets just hope my sloppy ass doesn't mess it up anytime soon.

ps - did i mention my beer-b-q is on the 19th?
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(no subject)

so kc & the sunshine band got rained out last night, but we saw clerks 2 instead. it's a bit raunchy, but definitly hilarious. jay and silent bob are quite the characters.

i want to go to the beach sooonnn...i havent taken a real vacation in too long. i'm going on a cruise w/ jon in feburary for sure...but that seems so far away.

my intentions for updating were basically just to show off the new user pic... i <3 the new kitty.
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no subject

i'm updating to please all the people who still read/write in this thing.

*exactly one month til the big 2-1*

apparently i'm having a beer-b-q the day before my birthday on the 20th. you should come...check out the new crib :)

and that's all.
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i invented post-its

no one updates anymore. are we getting to old for this shit? ...myspace sure isnt. that site is addicting (at least while i'm at work with nothing better to do)

so i was watching romy and michele's hs reunion this morning and it got me thinking...is anyone planning on going to their reunion? i know it's a good 6 or 7 years away, but i dont know if i'm intriuged enough. all the people i liked in high school i'm still in touch with today, but i kinda want to see how everyone else turned out. i guess i'll just see how successful i am then, and as long as i'm not a fat cow maybe i'll make an appearence :)

also watched war of the worlds last night. not a good choice given the storms that are supposed to be coming.


you people should give me better stuff to read.
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so i stocked up on claritan, caved in and got a kitten.

...how could i resist this?

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