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you're standing on my neck

so wow. last night was intense. me and casey went up to shepherd to visit lauren...we weren't even there more than two hours before we were both trashed. the plan was to 'pregame' in lauren's dorm then go over to this chick amanda's house and then to this party...unfortunantly i didnt make it much past pregameing. managed to go over to amandas and play crazy 8's...but then after a little bit i got the stupid spins and just wanted to go pass out. drunk called a few people, then ended up passing out. im such a pussy. woke up at 6:30 the next morning and puked...i dont think i ever want to drink liquor again... rasberry twist gets you twisted as shit. fuck drinking. smoking pot doesnt give me hangovers. smoking pot doesnt make me puke. although it does make me pass out...i can usually function a bit better. im just not made to be an alchee i guess...

i have an interview w/ suntrust bank on monday...i hope i get the job. it'd be nice to have a a guarenteed extra amount of money each week...i hate living off of the charity of others (ruby's)..i think im still going to work there though..for some reason i get attatched to my jobs, even when they suck. so i just tend to cut back my hours and fit it into my schedule.

any takers on going to the chilli cookoff october 16th? cake's going to be there :) real old school i trying to get a group together but so far i only have casey and maybe rob...come on people. that's a pathetic group for a concert. i need enough to fill like two cars :) pretty are only 20 bucks. . . .
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