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so much for the drunkness

blah i feel like throat's been swollen all fucken day and now the rest of my body feels really funky. if lauren gave me mono i think i just might have to kill her...if her liver does it do it first. ugh i hate this shit, i havent been sick in so long i dont know what to do with myself...and i feel like bitching but nobody's home :( yucccckkkk!

ok im done now.

i think i might just have to go to the doctors tomorrow for like the first time in like 2 years. i still have a pediatrician since i havent taken the time to look into finding a "real" doctor beacause im almost NEVER sick...grrrrr...

i hope i feel better by tomorrow :( im gonna go broke if i cant work, then ill be broke AND sick and then in two months ill turn 19 and not be on my dad's health insurance anymore and ill be too poor to get my own and and and

im just going to die sick and broke.

NOW im done.

damn someone really needs to come over and keep me company.
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