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The Snausberries Taste Like Snausberries
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Friday, June 18th, 2004

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so ya, im still cranky.
still feelin shitty but im going to work at three anyways...im just hosting so itll be total bullshit and ill get off by like 9...8 if i work some magic. blah. my throat feels like it's closing in...that's not good...not good at all...

im kinda pissed cuz i woke up this morning all psyched to watch the price is right and the rest of the first season of the sopranos...but david's friend is passed out on the couch and i dont think he's ever going to wake up...i mean damn, it's one o'clock...time to go home. and the tv in my bedroom sucks because certain channels dont have sound, like cbs, so i couldnt watch bob barker today. that's all i wanted to do this morning, damnit. grrrrrr.

sat down with rob last night and made him watch that movie 'kids'..a must see for a guy like himself. that movie is soooo fucked up...made me feel all kinds of dirty. eck.

i think im gonna go around and open up all the blinds in my apartment to try and get this guy off my damn couch...i wanna watch some television!

Current Mood: distressed
too bad i only have like four friends and this polls going to turn out being kind of lame...but hey!
Poll #309915 Drug of Choice

What's YOUR Drug Of Choice?


Current Mood: bored

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