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The Snausberries Taste Like Snausberries
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Wednesday, July 7th, 2004

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lauren tried her very best to get me drunk off beer last night, but it just wasnt happening. so we tripped shrooms instead :) walked down to the lake and saw a couple fireworks off in the distance, got up close and personal with a "field" of flowers, lauren made friends with a nice frog...it was pretty damn chill.

just got back from seeing mean girls, again, with casey and lauren. i swear that movie is awesome. we went to the cheap movie theatre...but i was happy cuz it was only 2 bucks. and they got new and improved seats, and they were actually comfy.

im trying to spend some quality time with my sister this week, but it's like, i dont like her really being around cuz i dont want her to find out the kind of stuff i do. i really wish she was older.

misty, mary, and krystle are all aparently coming to visit me on friday :) im so excited. we all havent been in the same room, let alone the same city, in years. i just have to figure out somthing fun for us all to do together that wont require me not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, since i have early shifts all damn weekend. fo shizzle. :P

Current Mood: excited
goin to cali
so as far as i know, melissa, lauren, and i are all going to tucson to have kick ass road trips with christine from january 1st-9th.

still havent talked to christine yet, so im still not 100% sure. i cant afford to buy tickets til like next month after my bday anyways.

soooo excited to see christine. and california. and to just get the hell out of northern va.

yay :)

Current Mood: jubilant

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