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The Snausberries Taste Like Snausberries
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Wednesday, July 28th, 2004

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like whoa
i had a really fun weekend...ive just been slacking on the updating lately. friday night casey had a pretty cool party, and i got pretty decently drunk. we all ended up in the hot tub at one point, but it ended up being too hot for our drunk asses (go figure.) sunday me lauren and casey all ended up chilling again and watched scary movie...it had been too long since i had seen that movie. it's too bad the sequels sucked so bad, that first one had such good potential.

went to catbo last night with melissa...that place kind of sucks. lot's of centreville people work there...and the food wasnt all that good. eh. anyways, we chilled afterwards and watched the end of malibu's most wanted. i. hate. that. movie. blah. :P

this weekend should be promising...chilling at caseys again friday, helping michelle move saturday...im totally off the schedual now at ruby's so ive got so much free time :)

annnnd i was thinking, christine, arizona, 12/29-1/7 sound good?? let me know.

Current Mood: blah

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