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The Snausberries Taste Like Snausberries
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Friday, August 6th, 2004

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feeling a little insomnism....(im pretty sure that's a word...)
this week has really just flown by...lot's of chill nights. had brian, lauren, and danny over a couple nights ago...hung out, had a few beers, passed out. same thing last night but with a few more people. ahh...the joy of having my own place. i dont know how i did it before at my parents. i dont think i could ever go back to sharing a house with an adult. it's not like my parents were ever strict, but just having my own space has really been the best thing ever. i love my apartment.

ive really been slacking off with going to the gym lately, and ive been avoiding my scale for like a week...finally today i gave in and, thank god...i haven't gained a pound. i mean, i havent lost any either but i would have been so mad at myself if i had let all that fat come back. *sigh* once fall comes around and i dont really have anyone to chill with really during the week im defently going to be spending more time working out. but for now, im a little pre occupied with alchohol and drugs. :) the sacrafices i make.

i havent had real chocolate in like a month now. i didnt think that was possible.

soooo yea. i cant sleep. stayed in tonight to do some cleaning and spend time with my dog (yea, im a loser, baby..) i have this addiction to online shopping but i never really buy anything. whenever the screen comes up for me to enter my credit card number i just close the window and start looking for somthing else. it's a never ending cycle. i guess it's a good thing i dont have it memorized. that and im too lazy to get up and go through that never ending pit i call a purse to find my card. speaking of which, i need to go purse shopping. i guess im going to be hitting up target this weekend.

enough said i guess...i wanted to update with more but my old lady memory has failed on me once again. i wonder if it'll ever recover. i should probably get some sleep considering i have to be in arlington at 11 for work...eh. i need to get a hobby.

oh well. peace out.

Current Mood: restless

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