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The Snausberries Taste Like Snausberries
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Monday, August 23rd, 2004

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- i didnt get as drunk as i would have liked to have been

- my ass hurts from getting 19 birthday slaps

- people seemed to form clique's and i had to float from room to room instead of just chilling

- rob puked off my balcony

- david + brian + alcohol = stupidity

- my creation flopped


i think it was the coolest party ive think ive ever had. because there were cool people. that i liked. and who gave me presents, money and balloons. :) i love my friends.


- the cops did not get called

- no noise complaint (that i know of)

- my house is not all that bad looking (all things considering)

im a very content girl right now.

the next few weeks, on the other hand, are going to frustrate me. between my many jobs, i will not have a full day off until the 13th of september (btw, happy bday melissa) :). i need the money. all my birthday money went to beer for my party, bills, and my dogs castration. not fun. but when i have money, im going to get that plane ticket to arizona, and all will be well. :P it's going to be worth it.

Current Mood: loved

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