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The Snausberries Taste Like Snausberries
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Friday, September 17th, 2004

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yea. defently witnessed the formation of a tornado earlier. from the safety of my third story patio.

take a look at this shit :

that is right by 66...aparently it was an f-4, right after seeing it for myself i went inside and it was on the news. i never realized how interesting storm watching could be :)

spending my friday night at home. i was supposed to babysit but the kids sick or somthing...im not too disappointed. i can just sit on my ass and watch tv in the comfort of my own home now instead in someone elses. except im not getting paid...damnit. eh, what are you going to do.

you know what i realized? every fact i know about tornados comes from that movie w/ helen hunt "twister"...who says movies arent useful?

Current Mood: bored

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