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The Snausberries Taste Like Snausberries
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Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

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well tonight was...interesting. i got to meet my dad's girlfriend. aparently they've been seeing each other for a couple months now, but were keeping it hush hush for my sister and i's sake. she seems nice...she has a 16 year old son who's...nice...i dont know. im just kind of overwhelmed i guess. im happy for him, it's just some twilight zone shit that's all. :)

this weeks gone by pretty fast. ive been trying to keep an optomistic attitude and it seems to make everything a little easier. this weekend im going to kings dominion w/ krystle then maybe the national zoo on sunday with michelle. i havent been to dc in so long. i bet it's a nice place to go with a guy...romantical and cheap. :)

my dogs real sick :( i only got like two hours of sleep last night because i was up with him. i didnt think dogs could get fevers but he defently had one. my carpet in my bedroom is defently stained forever after last night...poor little guy. my guess is he just ate somthing he shouldnt have...especially since he does eat everything he can fit in his mouth...i wish there was somthing more i could do for him besides rub his belly but i really can not afford a vet visit right now.


Current Mood: exhausted

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