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The Snausberries Taste Like Snausberries
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Saturday, October 9th, 2004

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so after getting my bank statement in the mail today along with bills from state farm, verizon and cox, i have come to a unfortunate conclusion : i am broke. broke broke broke broke broke. surre rob owes me money, so do both of my parents and my sister...and if everyone actually paid me back the money i so graciously lent them months and months ago (in robs case, over a year) i would be perfectly fine. but no. looks like im on my own.

the plan is, a) stop spending SO MUCH god damn money on fooood. it's not worth it. i have nothing to show for the 20 bucks i spent today on my two meals except for even flabbier arms. no more. b) i hate to do it...but no more going out to the movies, mall, anything. too many temptations. temptations cost money. guess im just going to be a homebody. im already a homebody...but now more than before i need to just chill out on my couch and enjoy my cox digital cable that i spend $90 bucks a month on. and finally c) work more. i am already running myself ragged, but for the time being, i will be a ruby tuesday charity case. take pitty.

maybe i should hit up my rich uncle. im pretty sure my dad's gotten to him already, but maybe i can weasel a couple hundred dollars out of him to get me by. ill tell him it's for school... (he thinks im in school...) would that be so wrong? haha im going evil...desperate times call for desperate measures.

what i wouldnt do for a million dollars.....

Current Mood: discontent

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