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The Snausberries Taste Like Snausberries
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Sunday, October 17th, 2004

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i need a little of your time
you people need to start updating more often! i have this urge to see what everyone is up to lately since im not getting out much myself...i keep you all "entertained" with my so called life, even though there is not much going on. sigh.

went to see "team america" last night ( i think? it seems like forever ago.. ) w/ casey. i think it was funny...the parts i remember at least. got incredibly too stoned to be in a public place and ended up just passing out, after having some serious giggly episodes. im truly pathetic. but from what i do remember from the movie is that there was puppet sex. but if you look closely...the puppet didnt have a penis, which i found odd. not like i wanted to see a puppet penis anyway. the sex was disturbing enough. and they had a puppet of matt damon who was semi retarded that just cracked me up. there were these people in the theatre with us who im am pretty sure were drunk and they were being kind of obnoxious. but it was a fun night. a fun, very confusing, night.

going to shepherd sunday night to visit my long lost friend lauren...getting up early monday morning and looking at real estate should be fun. im kind of looking forward to seeing whats available, i just hope the agents are helpful. im not going to stay for long...getting there around 1am after work on sunday and then leaving at like 12pm on monday to get back for work at 5...but i hope we have enough time to look at places. and go to good will.

and my feet still hurt. in case anybody cares.

Current Mood: (fat)

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