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The Snausberries Taste Like Snausberries
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Monday, October 18th, 2004

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-sad face-
im fed up with my living situation. david and fight constantly about cleaning and walking boomer and all this other shit...and when hes not pissing me off hes acting like he wants to get back together. but im a pesimist and i think its kind of convenient that hes acting all "lovey dovey" to me right after he lost his license. im just a fucking taxi to him, at least thats what it seems like. he's only nice when he wants somthing. and rob, well...he's rob. and he's been extremly irritable lately since he started becoming a huge pothead. right before his court date. christine? she's...well christine. i think she hates me. but im kind of a bitch. so i guess i deserve it. grr im just so frustrated. and i want to live in shepherdstown, i really do, but i just dont know how it's going to turn out. im not leaving my dog with david...i wont even leave him with him for a weekend let alone a couple months...but i dont think many rentals in shep will accept pets. and i dont want to hold lauren and her friends back...so maybe ill just move out on my own. this truly sucks.

maybe im just exausted from this fucking 60 hour work week but i am just in a real pissy mood right now. nothing looks as if it is going to work out for me.

Current Mood: just fucking peachy

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