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The Snausberries Taste Like Snausberries
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Thursday, November 11th, 2004

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jim morrison is god
man, i didn't realize how incredibly packed fair lakes would be today...i went to target at like noon and im sure that at least 1/3rd of fairfax county was there...it was a mad house. the majority of the shoppers were soccer mom's...i hate shopping w/ soccer mom's. almost got side swiped by an suv coming out of the parking lot too. but, i got a new work shirt and some gloves...yay. :) kohls was having an awesome sale...ya, did alot of shopping. which is why i am picking a shift up tonight even though im on paid leave because of veterans day. i gotta start saving for arizona anyways...less that two months away!

got a new couch...finally. i gave away the other two shitty "white" ones to some poor soul that needed a free sofa...i had an ad online saying "free sofa bed and love seat to whoever picks them up" and, what do you know, alot of people wanted them. i kinda failed to mention that im in a third floor apartment and the couches are incredibly heavy and bulky...but after about twenty minutes, these two dudes who couldnt have weighed more that like 150 each, managed to get them down to their truck and out of my life. bon voyage ugly couches.

rob's getting out the 24th of this month apparently...which means david will most likely be leaving by the first of december...im going to have to do alot of redecorating...

Current Mood: relieved

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