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The Snausberries Taste Like Snausberries
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Sunday, November 28th, 2004

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i SO am not.
Regina George

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okay, so maybe i am. but all girls are mean, right?

on a ditzy note, went shopping yesterday and spent entirely too much money...like over $300 too much money...but it's okay, only $150 of it was mine and it only took me an entire day to make that much at rubys. my mom got some cash from the settlement and gave me some money to take my sister shopping...got myself some new adidas superstars (i havent bought shoes since like eighth grade) and some nice clothes...got some good deals. defently put me in a good mood for the past couple days. now i just need to find somthing to do so i can wear them somewhere else besides work :) that would be nice...a date would be nice...a date w/ anyone...boo im getting lonely. eh, at least i have my shoes!

Current Mood: flirty

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