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The Snausberries Taste Like Snausberries
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Monday, November 29th, 2004

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hell ya
finally! i've decided that i have been out of school entirely too long. so starting this january, i will be at shitty manassas nova from 7-10 monday nights. unfortuantly...it was the only class i could fit into my schedule, so i guess i should be getting an 'A' in english since it'll be my ONLY school responsibility. go me. ive decided that it's probably not a good idea for my to be a nanny anymore once my contract is up w/ this family in march...too much sitting around on my ass and not enough social interaction. besides, there's no way i can take more than like two classes and work there because the hours are soo long and time consuming. too bad i have no idea what line of work i want to go into yet..but i guess i'll figure that out when the time comes. that and i need to figure out who im going to be living with and where soon. rob and christine aren't staying until june...theyre getting married and having their kid and moving out when the lease is up in march. selfish me, i won't have any roomates. :( i need to start figuring stuff out. fast.

Current Mood: contemplative
i have entirely too much free time on my hands.
my new bed set came! not exactly what i expected...a little too yellow for my taste. but hey, it's comfy AND machine washable. :)

i'm still waiting on the rest of my posters :( it's been like two weeks since i ordered them. boo.

Current Mood: content

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