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little green peices of paper

stupid bank account has depleated soo much over the past two weeks...between rent, my car payments, insurance...arg! wtf. yea, so i splurged a little and got some new clothes...but god damnit, i needed them. so, in order for me to go to arizona care free and not have to come back to bounced checks and a zero balance...i am going to have to work my ASS off this week and next. doesnt help that im taking time off next weekend to go to massanutten...but i need some time away. otherwise im just going to end up drained and depressed.

know what would really help? if people that owed me money (ROB) would pay me back. i could really use the extra 200 bucks. seeing as how he's worked like maybe five shifts since he's been out and he has a kid on the way...i doubt that is ever going to happen. and everytime i bring it up, he changes the subject and gets all pissy. i hate asking people for money, even when they owe it to me. it's not like im asking to borrow any...he OWES it to me. man, if i was him and i had so many debts plus an extra mouth to feed, id have a second job. or at least a decent one. what a bum.

im so bitter.

got off work early since bryce has his consultation for the of course im closing at rubys to make up for the hours lost. poor kid...

oh well. fuck it. things will work out. they always do. im just a little stressed.
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