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a merry merry un-birthday to you. to me? yes, you!

lots to update about, but i'll make it breif.

*went xmas shopping tonight w/ lauren and melissa. got gifts for bryce, casey, my dad, and michelle. decided that waiting til after christmas to get everyone presents is kind of lame...even though i'll probably still get certain people souviners from az.

*went to massanutten saturday night w/ casey and lauren. even though we didnt do much, i had a fun, relaxing, work free time. and got mad drunk. go me.

*going to disney land when i visit christine! that's going to be the shit.

*and my roomate hates me. eh.

fun for all. wish i had pics to update with from massanutten but i think lauren lost her digital camera...which sucks. it'll turn up.

ho ho *cough* ho!
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