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i invented post-its

no one updates anymore. are we getting to old for this shit? ...myspace sure isnt. that site is addicting (at least while i'm at work with nothing better to do)

so i was watching romy and michele's hs reunion this morning and it got me anyone planning on going to their reunion? i know it's a good 6 or 7 years away, but i dont know if i'm intriuged enough. all the people i liked in high school i'm still in touch with today, but i kinda want to see how everyone else turned out. i guess i'll just see how successful i am then, and as long as i'm not a fat cow maybe i'll make an appearence :)

also watched war of the worlds last night. not a good choice given the storms that are supposed to be coming.


you people should give me better stuff to read.
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